You Know How You Want Your Partnership To Feel …

Let me help you achieve that

Your horse is unique in how they communicate. What they want to say to you. How they feel about your relationship. They ALREADY know what it’s going to take to have a deep meaningful partnership. So let’s listen to your horse!

Kinship Coaching

End Result -> Elevating your relationship, finding your center in all situations, enabling you to blossom into that Synergetic Team of your dreams.

The Process:

  • Consult with your horse first (see above)
  • Using my skills as a horse whisperer, I connect with both of you to understand the dynamics of how your energies intertwine
  • Working closely together, you will learn the steps to finding and maintaining your center
  • Bi-monthly Coaching appointments – by phone or in person
  • Unlimited email, phone and text support during Coaching sessions
Animal Communication

Tracey Wright is amazing at pinpointing the source of the animal’s soreness. The horses love her you can see them enjoying the session.”

- Bernadette B., Buffalo, NY

Horse Whisperer

Reiki Attunement

You & Your Horse

End Result -> You & Your Horse are each Attuned to Reiki.

The Process:

  • I connect with your horse to determine their best attunement level
  • You and your horse are each Attuned to Reiki so you can each flow that energy for each other
  • Confidently know how to offer Reiki to your horse; your horse will know when to offer you Reiki
  • Learn how to practice it on yourself and your family
  • Understand your horse’s chakras (psst – they have an extra one that is important!)
  • Reiki Certificates for you & your horse, and a manual for you
    Follow up support

Angelic Horse Reunion

End Result -> Connect with your Heart Horse once more.

The Process:

  • Through Conscious Meditation™ space is created for you to connect with your heart horse that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
  • Opportunity for your heart to heal
  • Chance for your heart horse to share their love and appreciation for you one more time
  • Extraordinary healing session for both of your hearts
Animal Communication

I do not have the words to describe this experience other than to say I was WITH my horse. He walked right up to me. We spent time together; I had tears of joy … and relief … to see him in good health and in his element. This was an experience like none I have ever known and it brought me the peace that I needed … to be reunited in this way changed me and I can now feel peace and joy when I visit him in my memories because I know he is okay.”

- Georgette F, Syracuse, NY

Horse Whisperer


End Result -> Clarity about your horse, your relationship, and what steps to take next for immediate results.

The Process:

  • You share your goals and concerns with me
  • I connect with your horse using my skills – locally or globally
  • The Emissary part is where I relay the information between both of you
  • Each consult includes reiki for horses
  • You will know what specific steps to take to achieve your desired goals

I feel like he’s already opening up more, he was very relaxed yesterday, you connecting with him I believe really made an impact.”

- Mikayla H., Gasport, NY

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to get your copy of Show Jitters Be-Gone: 4 Practical Steps YOU Can Do Easily

Please check your inbox for your download.

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