How the ‘Intention of YOUR Attention’ Helps Your Horse

by | Consciously Awesome

“You make me feel big”


My cat’s comment to me as I woke up one morning.

He was laying right up against me and looking at me with his loving eyes. As soon as I opened my eyes and looked at him, he said: “You make me feel big”.

Awe …. my heart melted.

Even though physically he is the smallest being in our household, he doesn’t feel the smallest. Because of the loving attention I bestow on him, he feels important and a significant part of the family, in spite of his physical size. That’s pretty cool!

It got me thinking though … it is all about the intention of my attention on him isn’t it?

Say what? Intention of my attention? What the heck is that?


Read on as I explain what the Intention of My Attention means …


The intention of my attention is simply the reason behind my focus. In this case, when I focus just on him, I do it with a clear loving intent: I just want to let him know that I love him, nothing else.

Cats are typically known to be aloof and quick. He especially is not a lap sitter or a cuddler. So, when he’s nearby, I only have a small window of opportunity to focus my love on him. When that window opens up I make the most of it.

All other thoughts disappear.

No distractions shift my attention away from him.

He is the center of my loving attention. With no agenda.

The intention of my attention is only to share my love for him.

And that’s why I make him feel big.


I’m sure you can relate …


I’m sure you can relate to that feeling. It’s when someone’s loving attention is focused just on you. It could be the focused attention from a lover, a baby, or a parent. When that happens, the rest of the world melts away as you bask in their love of you.

You are the center of their universe and you feel it. And it fills you up. Your heart swells.

Their heart swells too.


How does this help you with your horse?


What if you held this clear and loving intention every time you focused your attention on your horse?

Before you saddled up and rode. Before doing any training.

Just spent time focusing lovingly on them.

Can you appreciate how they would react upon seeing you? Knowing that for a moment in time, they will be the center of your universe? That would certainly make their heart swell.

Is this good for all horses?


Some horses will bask in that attention.

Others, having difficult pasts, may not immediately respond. It is these others that especially could benefit from this Loving Intention of Your Attention.

And this is where your role, as the sender, is to not be attached to the outcome.

In other words, have no expectations.

Simply know in your heart that your clear and loving intention of your attention is working on their heart. Somehow. Someway.

Continue spending time sending them unconditional love. You will feel better for it. And so will they … in time.

Horse Story time ….


Ok – more like Mini horse story time ….

I had the pleasure of working on 2 minis that are the only small ones in this large and very busy barn.

As I connected with them one day, the message they wanted their owner to know was: “She makes us feel big. We kind of feel lost a bit in here sometimes. But she makes us feel big. And good about ourselves. We love her. And we really love how she makes us feel.”

They were so filled with gratitude for their owner. It brought tears to my eyes as they shared the depth of their gratitude.

You see, their owner comes every day and spends time simply loving on them. She is only focused on them. No distractions. No other interactions. Just them. And they shine because of that loving focused attention. And feel like the big horses.

When I shared the minis’ comments, their owner’s response was “But that’s what they do for me!” They make her feel important, loved, and the center of their universe!



That focused quality time with her minis, helps ground and center her after a busy and sometimes challenging day.

Next time you’re with your horse …

Focus on the Intention of your Attention. Allow it to come from your heart. With no agenda. No goal. No distractions.

I’ll bet you’ll be surprised with the results.

Share them in the comments.

And share how it made YOU feel.   I would love to hear.


PS … my cat’s comment was months ago. As I sat down to write this blog yesterday, that very same aloof cat laid down next to me on my desk like he was king of the world! Why? Because of the Intention of My Attention. He knew I was thinking about him and wanted to bask in the adoring energy for a bit longer … haha!

"Your horse is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be unlocked. I am the locksmith. As you and your horse partner in mastery, this wisdom is your guide to the blue ribbon. You do want to access that wisdom for your success, right?"  -Tracey Wright

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